Dr Navaneethan C. Arjuman

Secretary/Head of Training (Malaysian Chapter)

Dr Navaneethan C. Arjuman is currently the Expert at International Telecommunication Union (ITU) an agency under United Nation. He is also the Director at NLTVC Education Sdn Bhd. He was the Senior Trainer/Researcher with ITU/UN IPv6 and IOT Centre of Expertise at Malaysian University of Science and Technology (MUST).

His holds PhD in the field of Plug and Play Networking Components (Cyber Security) from National Advanced IPv6 Centre, University Science Malaysia. He holds 1st Class Honours degree in Communication and Signal processing from Staffordshire University, United Kingdom.

He was awarded as the IPv6 Evangelist by IPv6 Hall of Fame in year 2020. He is also the Global Coordinator of Global IPv6 Forum’s IPv6 Education Certification Logo Program. He is also the currently the Co-chair of IPv6 Working Group of Asia Pacific Advanced Network (APAN). He is also the IPv6 Global Forum’s Certified Trainer for Certified Network Engineer for IPv6 (CNE6), Certified Security Engineer for IPv6 (CSE6), Certified Network Programmer IPv6 (CNP6) and Certified System Administrator for IPv6 (CSA6). He was the Certified Senior Trainer at ITU-MUST IPv6 and IOT Centre of Expertise for courses such as Certified IoT Fundamental, Certified IPv6 Fundamental, Certified IPv6 Deployment for 5G Network, Certified IoT Security etc.

He is also former Lecturer at Taylor’s University in Malaysia. He has also served as CEO and Director of KHEC Systems Sdn Bhd and KHEC Solutions (India) Pvt Ltd. KHEC Group is IT solutionsprovider that has office both in Malaysia and India. Prior to this appointment, he has served asCEO and Director of iNetmon Sdn Bhd. He also served as Senior Manager at BayCom Sdn. Bhd.,provider of Satellite Services prior his appointment with iNetmon Sdn Bhd. Prior to his appointment with Baycom, he was a Senior Executive with Maxis Communications Bhd (prominent telecommunication company in Malaysia). He also served as a Lecturer in Sedaya International College (now known UCSI University) prior to his appointment with Maxis Communications Bhd. He is also has served as Assistant CAD/CAM Manager at Saeilo Japan Sdn Bhd and Assistant Sale Manager at BMC Systems Sdn Bhd.

He is currently the Secretary of IPv6 Forum Malaysia the IPv6 Forum’s Chapter in Malaysia. He is also former treasure and currently Head of Training of Malaysia Smart Industry Association.